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Our new compostable packaging!

Our new compostable packaging!

Hi there! 

We recently ran out of the first batch of small boxes we ever ordered!! Wow! (we still have a good amount of big ones though) It took 4 years! Even though these boxes are made from recycled materials, I found a company that makes compostable mailers: Noissue. I think these are definitely the more eco-friendly option and I decided to switch to these. The mailers are made from corn and are fully compostable. (it takes 180 days in a home compost and 90 days in a commercial compost)

With the current delay in shipments (due to high volumes, reduced staff and social distancing protocols- my new mailers are taking extra time to get to me. This will probably affect when I am able to ship out orders, although I have been reusing boxes I get, and using my big boxes when appropriate (I think its too wasteful to use these for small items). I will send you a personal email if ever I am unable to send you your order within the week it's placed and keep you updated on when I receive my new mailers! 

Thank you for your patience! Hope you are all hanging in there!

We will continue to use the big boxes on larger orders until we run out and then switch to larger mailers after. We will also continue to re-use boxes I receive from personal orders so that we can continuing the life of those boxes that already exist



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