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At Lights of All we value comfort and quality with a touch of whimsey. We think clothing should add to your beauty, not overshadow you.

It's an honor to dress you.

The Designer

Katia is the designer and founder of Lights of All. She is driven by her love of people, planet and animals to create a kinder fashion industry where no one has to come into harms way. 

Enchanted by the natural world, whether it be the ocean and beaches or forests and trees, each design is influenced by the peace and balance of nature.

She has a deep love for fashion and the power it has to transform your confidence and make you feel most like yourself. Using clothing as a positive force for driving change within the individual and for the world as a whole is what gives her purpose. Her goal is to carve out a space in the industry where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to play and discover their own personal style while doing no harm to those on the production side.

Katia makes every garment herself from her home studio in Toronto. If you purchased something from us, it was made by her.