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When I lived in New York for university, every Tuesday and Thursday there was a farmer’s market in union square. For a few semesters my class schedule lined up perfectly so that I’d have a morning class and then have a huge break. So after class I would walk the market and get my fresh fruits and veggies and also my favourite jam. Then I’d jump in the subway to my apt. It was one of my favourite routines. I just loved the colors, smells, the vibe. I wanted to kind of get that vibrant feeling in this spring/summer collection. My Farmer's Market is a bit more tropical than the Union Square one I would go to… but the feeling is the same. Bright colors that you just want to bite into, a mix of textures and shapes, an overall zest and excitement! 

This season we have a few returning styles; the Flow Slip Dress in two new colors, the Céleste Dress, the Full Moon as a linen jacket. In the second drop of the collection we’ll also have the Freedom pants coming in a wide leg fit and my personal favourite, the Priya Dress. Some new styles coming too like the Carly Cami which is based on the top part of the Field Dress and the new Isadora Dress that will just make you want to dance. And of course the Ease Dress in the incredibly special fruit print!! 

Hope you feel the same sense of excitement and summer freshness from this collection as I do! Bon appetite!