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Have you seen 13 going on 30? You know when Jenna is making her wish... "I wanna me thirty, flirty and thriving, thirty flirty and thriving" I think that kind of encapsulates the energy of this collection. I wanted this collection to feel thirty, flirty and thriving in a way that was fun and light and playful.. but still in line with the LOA aesthetics. 

The collection is a mix of soft colors and fabrics with many styles revisiting us. Coming back is our newest fave, the Priya style, this time in midi format. Another returning personal favorite of mine is the Field Dress! Also coming back is the Céleste Dress later in the season and a version of the Ease Wrap, with less wrap, which I'm calling the layering top. Some newcomers include the Lila Skirt, lovingly named after my dog because she's the OG sweet pea and this skirt is just fun and cute like her. A new style that is a kind of rework of a style I made years ago; the Slip Dress. The Beach Tee will also be coming along for our second drop.

This collection is all about feeling confident and flirty at any age or stage in life and I hope it brings some inspiration to make the most of every moment this spring and summer.

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