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The 2021 spring/summer collection; Seashells & Seashores is a little play on the old tongue twister; 'she sells seashells by the seashore'. While spending the last year in quarantine, missing the ocean, I created a little story in my head. She sells seashells by the seashore, what a life, I thought, spend your days walking the beach or snorkelling along reef in search of shells and then have a little hut by the village to sell the shells to tourists :) Sounds like a good life to me! But what would she be wearing?
This collection is just that. Light summer dresses, skirts and tops to cover you from the sun but keep you cool and feeling cute. The entire collection is mostly made from Oeko-tex certified Linen so, you know she'll be satisfied with the eco-friendly factor. I also made little doodles of shells she might find along the way, and commissioned an artist named Erin, who carved them into stamps for me, called the Shell Print! So you have some real, slow made hand printed styles here!

This collection features some of your favourites, the Antoinette Dress and the Field dress from ss20 as well as a top version of the Twilight Dress, renamed Jennifer Top. I was also inspired to make the field skirt, a midi length elastic waist sister to the field dress, which can totally be worn as a dress as well! I've wanted my own tube top for a long time but I always see them very much like a tube bra and I am just not comfortable showing a lot of my body, so I made my version a bit longer so that it can cover more of your midriff if you're like me.

I hope this collection makes you feel just as relaxed and easy going as you do when on vacation in a tropical place, I know that it's been way too long for us all because of this global pandemic. Here's a little daydream via clothing.. one last thing, would you sell seashells by the seashore with me?

Photographer; Shivani Sharma, Model; Rayanne Langdon & Boutaïna, MUA; Elizabeth Dicocco