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~WeLcOmE tO FaLl 2022~
I gotta be honest, I have been loving the early 2000s styles and trends.. and that's coming from someone who hates trends! Maybe it's because the early 2000s were when I was actually allowed to choose my own clothes/ outfits.. or I just love the silliness of it all? I'm not sure.

I knew I wanted to do two things with this collection, the combination of dark brown and blue and some nostalgia of the 2000s but in a very non-trendy, LOA way. 
I also kept some of your favourite styles close to my heart and reworked them anew. Another new version of the original M.A top is here - renamed the ~Ease Wrap Top~ this time around it has a beautifully fun balloon sleeve! It's made to be a matching set worn with the freedom pant! The Priya dress is already back because its *my* favourite and I wanted to do a short, flowier version for the winter. A couple new styles that feel like the ones you love already is the Tiered LS (long sleeve) Jennifer Dress and the Sabrina Top! The Sabrina Top features the newest of our hand-printed pattern, the Silly Print! Added to the mix are some fun accessories and gift-able items like the new U-BAG in two sizes, a new organic cotton scarf and lots of scrunchies as usual. Enjoy!

Iced Cocoa is a reference to the colors used, the warm hot chocolate brown and the cold icy blues mix together to make a tasty comforting drink to get you through the winter!

Photographer Shivani Sharma 
Models Jessica, Margarita and Diana


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