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The main inspiration for the Spring collection is sand. Some garments were designed while imagining getting caught in a desert sand storm, others while walking along a peaceful beach. This focus on contradicting aspects of a single subject is something the designer tries to reflect on with all things - with the beautiful comes the ugly, with the strong comes the weak, with the calm comes the chaotic. In this particular case, the result is a mix of clothing inspired by protection and defence, and others that are meant to be free flowing and that behave almost like a second skin.
The SS17 Collection was also inspired by Concrete. Coming from the idea of opposition, Sand and Concrete are opposites in a lot of ways, one is made up of infinite little parts, and the other is one hard piece. One is natural and free flowing, the other is man made and hard. However, the two have a lot in common. They both have a softness and a roughness to them. When reflecting on Sand, protection came to mind - from thinking about the sand storm - and from this need for protection from sand, concrete came to mind. We look to concrete to protect us from the elements; we build houses and buildings from it, the roads we drive and walk on, we build walls and rely on it to hold up fences. So this collection is very much a reflection on the relationship between protection and freedom, using Sand and Concrete as its muses.
Photographer: Sydney Robbins, Make up and Hair: Chelsea Chawsky, Model: Deborah Bellini.  'Sands' Illustration by Emma McNally. Special thanks to everyone at the Boxotel.