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Lights of All basics collection
reversible t-shirt
slow fashion outfit
vegan fashion outfit
beige tank top
hemp and organic cotton clothing
flowy grey top
Flowy grey v neck
black slip dress
slow fashion sarong
feminine long sleeve top
Model: Marie-Grace, Photographer: Cloves, MUA: Rafaelle Roy

When I was thinking about what kind of styles to make for a basics collection, I kept coming back to a feeling and not necessarily items or styles. You know that feeling when you're on vacation, or even on weekends, when everything feels like it's moving in slow-motion and you can just relax and take it easy. I wanted to make clothes that could bring that into your everyday life. Basics that were soft and easy to match with anything so that it's easy to make outfits. I also wanted to make them functional, so I thought of the To & Fo tops which are wearable front to back; one side is a V neck and the other is a Crew neck. I wore mine at a show in Toronto and I spilled coffee on myself in the morning - No biggie, I just had to wear the top the other way (I had a little jacket on too, so it hid the spill!) It was the happiest I'd ever been about spilling coffee on myself because I thought YES! the top is doing what it was designed to do! 

The collection also features a new version of the Cover Coat, which was one of or best-sellers from SS17. This season, it's just below the knee, black and in a slightly softer canvas. I really wanted the collection to feel four-seasons friendly, so I included a basic tank top called the Every Tank, a Slip Dress that can be worn layered in the colder months or alone in the warmer ones and, some Scarves and Sarongs to tie it all together!