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Lights of All Under the stars collection
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FW1718 - Under The Stars is a sort of dream of sleeping under the stars in the woods watching the sky.  

I was torn between being surrounded by lush nature but also gazing up at the stars. It's a play on the 'keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds' saying. I've been fascinated by space and a part of me still can't fathom how this whole universe exists, nebulas and supernovas and expanding into infinity. Contrast this with the feeling you get when you see a deer in the forest; its such a calming but exciting moment, such a beautiful animal. These are two moments of awe and excitement toward natural phenomena that are so different in their own way. So this collection is a nod to both. 
Under the Stars features colors inspired by Fawn, the Solstice, Meteors, Nebulae and more. When I saw ice-dyeing techniques, they reminded me of Nebulae and I loved how unpredictable the process was, so our hand dyed print for FW1718 is Nebula! I also read somewhere that from space, even in the absence of the sunlight, when looking at the earth it is never completely black. It's sort of ironic because I felt such comfort in the lack of complete darkness when looking at the earth, but it's actually a result of the crazy amount of pollution that creates a sort of glow around the earth. They call this, skyglow. So, instead of 'black' the black of the collection is called Skyglow. 

When it comes to the actual garments, I was really thinking of wrapping myself up in warm blankets, sleeping bags, staying comfortable and warm. So you've got Robe Dresses, Envelope Coats, a toasty Anorak Pullover, and Vest, and I wanted to keep the Dresses a little loose (because come on, the average person gains a little weight in the winter, so you need some room ;)). I like to think of the clothes as what you'd wrap yourself up in to go star gazing; nice and warm with the beauty of the night sky reflecting back onto you. 

Photographer: Coralie DesMarrais, Hair and Make up: Julie-Anne Laliberte, Model; Dorcas Bareme, Overall Assistance: Melanie Remillard.