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The Fall-Winter 2020 collection is called Papillon de nuit, or Moths, in English. The direct translation from French is Butterfly of the night, and I think that is just such a perfect and beautiful way to explain this collection. You will notice a lot of flowiness, in styles being called 'Flow' or some extra ruffles and gathers here and there. Inspired by feeling a soft wind in the night - there is such an undeniable femininity to flowy ruffles and flares, and, as you can see, I really went for it in this collection.
I think Moths are just so under appreciated and looked at as 'scary' but they are pollinators, they metamorphose just like butterflies, they can have such stunning color patterns and fluffy hairs, they are nocturnal, they don't bite us, what's not to love?! Yeah they might eat up your wool sweater, but let's face it - you shouldn't be wearing wool in the first place #govegan ;)
I took a lot of inspiration for the color palette from some moth illustrations, the deep moss color mixed with soft sage and bright accents of mulberry, patterns that almost look like eyes. This collection features an ice dyed dress, in which I tried to mirror the wonder of those patterns and how they can be both a camouflaged pattern and also what makes you stand out the most.
My hope is that with these styles, you feel a sort of freedom in your own femininity and a coziness with added confidence to carry you through these colder seasons.
Photographer: Cloves, Model: Enrica Andre, MUA: Juliane, Location: Sol Atelier Montreal