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Fashion Revolution Week 2020

Fashion Revolution Week 2020

It's time for Fashion Revolution Week 2020!!

Fashion Revolution week was sparked by the horrendous loss of life with the fall of the Rana Plaza in 2013. This was an 8 story building filled with garment workers under terrible conditions. Workers had told their employers that the building was cracking and looked unsafe, but were forced to work anyways. And on April 24th, the building collapsed and killed just over ONE THOUSAND people. Those people who make your clothes for very little money died sewing your clothing. 

This lead Orsola De Castro to take action and start a revolution..  A Fashion Revolution. This tragedy, along with the terrible impact on the planet, torture of animals is the reason I started Lights of All in the first place! 🌱

So let's do our part and celebrate and join the fight in this Revolution. Here's a few things to do this week!

👉  @fash_rev is posting challenges everyday this week. Today's is all about LOVED CLOTHES LAST - post a photo of your favourite garment, why you love it and how long you've had it. How we care for, wear, clean and mend are clothes is what makes them last for years or just a season.

📷 You can either download your 'Who made my clothes?' poster, or 🖍 have some fun and get crafty making your own here. Take a photo of you wearing an item of clothing you want to know more about and tag the brand of the clothing to ask the brand WHO MADE MY CLOTHES?

👉  Ask brands, 'who made my clothes?' Or even more, ask them what they do with their waste, what types of materials they use? Why don't they use organic cotton? What kind of dyes do they use? Where do the clothes come from? What impact do they have on the local community where their clothes are made?

📺 Take the time to watch our 'Sustainability School' stories highlight, where we teach you all about different materials, practices and ways a brand can be sustainable or what we do at Lights of All to be sustainable.

🎧  @globalfashionexchange just did a facebook live with Orsola De Castro (Monday 10am) and it's saved on their page - YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS! It's a great discussion on the current climate of fashion - the issues we're facing and the great ways we can change it.

So excited for this week, along with EARTH DAY! Hello!? SO much good happening right now that we can focus on while we all suffer through this crisis. 
Let's make waves this week and really shake the fashion industry to change!

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