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Spotlight: Hand Dyed Items

Spotlight: Hand Dyed Items

This week I wanted to highlight our Hand Dyed Items!

These styles have all been dyed by hand.. by me! I've loved tie-dyeing since my very first tie-dye birthday party when I was in grade 5. I'm so glad that tie-dye is 'in fashion' again because its really one of my favourite things to do and to wear.

The Every Flow Maxi is a dress from our very first collection! I dyed this one is a soft pinkish purple using a Shibori technique. I just love how this one turned out and it's also just such a comfortable dress made from organic cotton. 

In our second collection I tried a new technique called Ice dyeing. You basically sprinkle powder dye over ice (that's laid upon your garment) and as it melts it creates this cool print. I love how unpredictable it is! I turned one of the dresses into a tote as part of our Upcycled Collection (because the last size in the dress wasn't selling). Called the Dress Tote!

More recent is the Field Dress! I tie dyed this one the classic way - with a bunch of twists and ties, but using only one color. I find it gives it more of a timeless vibe while also being fun with the print.

I just love hand dyeing - it's one of my favourite things to do! You can definitely expect more styles coming - especially round two of the Upcycled Collection!

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