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Coming Soon: Upcycled Collection

Coming Soon: Upcycled Collection

A little while ago I mentioned an idea about making an upcycled collection for Lights of All. I was thinking of getting some T-shirts from local second hand stores to give new life. I was also wondering about ways I could repurpose styles from the regular collections that were not selling. 

Well I did it! So I bought some nice fitting tops at a second hand store and I hand dyed or hand tie-dye bleached (I found mostly black t-shirts so I had to bleach dye those). I'm so happy with the result and I think it's such a fun way to make sustainable fashion more affordable. We all want fun and unique styles, but not everyone can afford organic cotton. This is my way of making new out of the old. 

These tops are mostly mens sizing so they may be a little oversized, so look out for the product details. We also do have some women's tops as well. 

The Upcycled Collection Launches April 3rd!


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