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A Closer Look: Field Dress

A Closer Look: Field Dress

The Field Dress has gone through the longest journey of any SS20 style!

It started off as a prototype as a Maxi Dress, however the fabric I used for the prototype was too heavy and literally pulled the dress down so it was not possible to use for the real dress.

I also realized that the Maxi length was not ideal for everyone since we are all different heights, and because the dress has a gathered detail at the hem, it would not be easy to shorten and lengthen if needed. So I shortened the style and found another, lighter fabric.

Once that was all ready, and I sewed the adjusted dresses in the new fabric, I prepped them to be dyed! You can watch the video above to see how I do it.

While dyeing the dresses the first time I was very sick and should have taken a day to rest, and as a result I miss-measured the dye and put WAY more than I wanted. The result was a much darker green then I was planning for.

I liked the color quite a bit but it was not the one I had in my vision for the collection, so I decided to leave these as they were and to make more in the original color I wanted. So that's why there are two greens to choose from! The darker ones only have one of each size so if you like the dark color, hop on it!

So that's the story of the making of the Field Dress. But why is it called the Field Dress? Well. While I was walking my dog one day last summer, I saw a little girl wearing the cutest, comfiest looking dress, and when I got home I started to sketch it out, it made me daydream about walking through a field of wildflowers and laying in the tall grass. I made some adjustments to add some adult, like the side-boob cut and an open back. I thought this dress would instantly put whoever wears it into that summer mood and feel beautiful. Oh and there's pockets too :)

The Field Dress is made from a super soft Linen and Viscose blend. 

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