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A Closer Look: Antoinette Dress

A Closer Look: Antoinette Dress

This season is our third time making the Antoinette Dress!
It became a. bestseller in it's first season and you have been loving it ever since. This year, we made it in two colors and in a new fabric. 

The first color is a soft blue. I fell in love with this color when I saw it because it reminded me of forget-me-nots. These sweet little flowers grow all over my parent's property in the spring and I would always pick them with my mum and make little bouquets. 
The second color is this gorgeous dessert orange. I'm not usually a fan of orange but this one is the perfect middle or orange and pink and I just love it! I think it will look great on any skin tone. 

Both of these are made from the same Oeko-Tex certified Linen. This type of linen is not organic (unfortunately I could not find a 100% organic linen from my suppliers). However, with the Okeo-Tex certification, you can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals involved in it's production and water reduction practices are in place. The difference is really that the linen itself is not organic, which is not ideal but with this certification it's the next best thing since all other practices must comply to Oeko-Tex standards.

The style itself is inspired by a scene in Sofia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette. Theres a scene where Kirsten Dunst asks her dress maker for a lighter dress that she can wear in her gardens. It cuts to her frolicking and laying in fields of grass and flowers. This is the dress I would have made if someone asked me for such a dress. Includes side seam pockets for any little treasures you may find along the way.


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