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Spotlight: Organic Cotton Styles

Spotlight: Organic Cotton Styles

Is organic cotton your favourite fibre? 

Mine too.
That's why I put together this spotlight on all our current 100% organic cotton styles. 

First up, the Céleste Dress - 100% Organic Cotton
There's only one of these dresses left and it's a size large! 

The Long Sleeve M.A. Top is also 100% Organic Cotton!

The hand dyed Every Flow Maxi Dress is also 100% organic cotton (top layer and lining!)

The House Coat is another 100% organic cotton style, there is also only 1 left and it's a size small!

The Criss-Cross dress has one XS left and it's also made from 100% organic cotton!

Also available in a Maxi Version- the Criss-Cross Maxi is 100% organic Cotton

The Cover Coat is a hand dyed organic cotton canvas!
Also one left and its a size medium!

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