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Our Organic Masks

Our Organic Masks

Our Masks are dropping Tomorrow!

We made organic masks!
These masks are made from two fabrics: The shell is a 55% linen 45% organic cotton. The lining is a 100% organic cotton lightweight fabric.
I wanted them to feel soft enough against your skin, light enough so that you can still feel like you can breathe and heavy enough to offer protection.

Just as a disclaimer, these masks are not medical grade. They have the purpose to help in the fight against the Cover-19 virus, but they are to be used as one aspect in your protection, you should continue to social distance, wash hands as needed and follow advice given by public health officials.

We have two styles in two sizes (Original & Large) and in multiple colors.
We are launching our first style while we prepare the second!
One style has a tie system, where you can adjust the tightness and tie them around your head. This is great for longer wearing since the elastic-around-the-ears can hurt after prolonged wearing.

The second style is the elastic-loop for your ears. This is great for a short-wear to the grocery store or a short walk. Definitely an easier one to put on and take off but I personally find it hurts your ears after wearing it for a long time. I'm just waiting on some elastic to come in so I can finish making these! Launch date to come.

Please be sure to wash your mask after every use. 

The two sizes are Medium and Large, I fitted the medium to my face and the large to my boyfriend's. If you would like help choosing a size you can refer to the measurements on the masks' product page and if you need extra assistance please don't be shy to reach out over instagram or our email


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