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I'm sure you know how to care for your Lights of All items during their life (which means when they are still wearable) 
Wash Cold, Hang Dry.

These two together prolong the life of your garments. When you tumble dry your clothing in the dryer, you are adding friction (rubbing together) which creates pilling. And for items that contain spandex, the heat actually breaks the spandex and makes them loose their stretch and resilience over time.

How about when your garments are no longer wearable? Big stains that won't go away? Holes that cannot be repaired? Now, expect the end of life of your garments to come in decades (because LOA clothing is made to last). However, when the day does come, we want you to be prepared.

Natural Fibres & Semi-Natural
Linen, Organic Cotton, Cotton, Hemp, Viscose

For garments made from these fibres, simply shred them and you can compost them! Our garments are made using non-toxic dyes and are safe to be composted. They will take a while to decompose so, shred them as small as you can and dig around/spread them so they aren't all in the same spot. 
This works for home compost, however, our cities and towns are not equipped with the infrastructure needed to compost clothing yet. So feel free to do this at home.

All Other Fibres
Recycled Polyester, blends including Spandex

Other garments we sell, which include Recycled Polyester and a blend of Spandex with Hemp & Organic Cotton cannot be composted.
In these cases, clean the items (even though not wearable) and donate them to a local Value Village-  they not only accept wearable garments, but ones that are not wearable are sent off to recyclers who repurpose these materials. They use them to make things like car stuffing and insulation. Just be sure that the items are still clean and in a bag. 


For a more comprehensive view of what to do with other garments when you are done with them, you can view our blog post about it here.