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What does Ecocentric mean?

What does Ecocentric mean?
If you follow our instagram and caught our stories this morning, you may have seen our posts about the term Ecocentric. If or if not, I wanted to update you on this term, because it will be the key term we use to describe our brand and values moving forward.

 What does Ecocentrism mean?
It might help to first use the example of its counterpart; anthropocentrism. Anthropocentrism means that the 'centric' priority, value or concern is place on humans 'anthropo'. So, ecocentrism, means that those values and concerns are not placed on humans alone, nor are humans the priority, but that 'eco' is the priority. This means, the value is places on all lives on the planet, including non-human animals, plants, eco systems and humans. You can read an in-depth meaning and history here: A Statement of Commitment to Ecocentrism.


I started Lights of All in 2017, using the term sustainable fashion to describe the brands focus and values. Today in 2020, this is a buzz word in fashion and many brands use and abuse this word a.k.a greenwashing. I decided I wanted to distance myself from that craze because I feel like when people read the words sustainable brand these days, they roll their eyes. I want to keep my commitment to all life clear and to do so I felt like I needed to change the words I use.

What does Ecocentrism mean for a fashion brand like Lights of All?

It means everything I use to design, make, sell, ship is done with the mindset that humans are not the central priority. Mind you, they are a priority because they are included in the eco (as people often forget - yes humans are natural beings a.k.a animals.) However, things here are done with much more than humans as the priority. We are mindful of our impact on the planet, animals and the ecosystems of the world. From the materials we use, what we do with waste, how many items we make, how they are made, the psychological impact of our imagery and communications etc etc.
I love the term ecocentric because for me it really encapsulated all of Lights of All's values in a clean scientific way. We are vegan, we are ethically made, we are eco-conscious, we are sustainably driven.

If you'd like to learn more about our commitments and practices, you can read our About us page here, and our Green page here.

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