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Ways to Use Your LOA Pouches with Olivia August

Ways to Use Your LOA Pouches with Olivia August

You made a purchase with us, and you got your free pouch! Want to know what you can use it for? Here are some ideas!

When LOA garments are sewn, all scraps are kept and upcycled, which is how we get these lovely pouches! These pouches are be added (for free!) to every purchase, and are meant to last beyond the transport of your garment. What exactly can you do with these pouches? Here are some different uses I have found that you are welcome to try for yourself!

Gift wrapping

As the holidays approach, I try to be intentional with my gifts, including my gift wrapping. It’s a common misconception that wrapping paper is recyclable, when it actually isn’t! Most gift wrapping is single use; you use it once and throw it away. One option I love is to make the wrapping part of the gift. The Lights of All pouches come with every purchase and can be used again and again. These pouches keep your gifts protected, but after the gift has been received, the pouch itself can take on other uses. Your gift recipient can also pass along the pouch the next time they give a gift and this cycle can continue with no wrapping waste created!

Clothing Organization 

I also love these pouches for traveling! When you travel light like I do, you don’t have much suitcase room. However, my biggest packing issue wasn’t fitting everything, but finding everything. By the second day of a trip, all my clothes would morph into a single cluster of fabric. Using a pouch to group together different items has helped keep me from losing my clothes to the suitcase void. It’s also necessary for smaller items like socks and underwear, so I’m able to keep them in one place. This also works for hats and gloves during winter travel (I like to have options!). 

Book Protector

If you travel with books and find that they get damaged when they’re loose in your bag, try using a pouch as a protector. The pouch doesn’t add any extra weight to your luggage, but will keep your book from being thrown about. My everyday backpack has a lot of old pencil lead at the bottom, so my books will turn grey over time. I started using a pouch for my mystery novels, and it has kept the pages clean.

Crochet or knitting project bag

I like to crochet and knit, but I’ve had issues with taking my projects on the go. A plastic ziplock bag wasn’t cutting it, and it also wasn’t very sustainable. With a pouch, It was easy to cinch the top closed. This way, only the yarn I was working with was dispensed. This made it a lot harder for all my yarn to come spilling out and rolling away, like in the past! I have used this method to take my crochet or knitting work into waiting rooms, airplanes and even camping. I am happy to say that since using a pouch for my projects, I have not needed to chase a ball of yarn.

There are more ways to use the Lights Of All pouches - these are just my favorites. If you try one of these ideas, or any I didn’t mention, feel free to take a picture and tag @lights.of.all on Instagram!


Olivia August is an intern at Lights of All, as well as a Fashion Student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and is always looking ways to implement conscious living into her everyday life.

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