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Upcycled Dog Toys are online NOW!

Upcycled Dog Toys are online NOW!

I am SO excited to share with you the newest addition to the Upcycled Collection!! Our DOG TOYS!

We had so much leftover scraps from the Full Moon Cardi's from FW21 and because they are recycled polyester, they cannot be made into paper by Atelier Retailles. So I needed to find some other way to use them. I had made a toy for Lila (my dog!) last year and it has been one of her favorite toys every since. So! this season I decided I needed to make more for other doggies to enjoy!

So, introducing our zero-waste dog toys! You have two styles available.

The first is a sunshine! I also made this one in two different sizes, small and large. I made a sunshine because Lila loves toys that have dangling parts she can pull on and whip around. She also ends up using it as a pillow because of the soft middle.

The second is a heart shape! If your dog prefers sleeker toys that are more compact. 

The fleece is used as a filling as well so the entire toy is 100% Recycled Polyester.

I hope your doggies enjoy these as much as Lila has! 
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