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Upcycled Collection Part Two

Upcycled Collection Part Two

The Second part of the Upcycled Collection Launches this Friday - July 10th!!

If you are new to Lights of All and have no idea what I am talking about, the Upcycled Collection is an initiative we started recently to promote and create circularity within the fashion industry. What does circularity mean with respect to fashion? Well - typically, clothing is made in a linear fashion, where it is designed, created, worn, thrown away, and ends up in landfills. This is a huge problem for our planet. Billions of garments each year end up in the garbage. This is just simply unacceptable. So circularity in fashion looks like this: designed while using recycled materials or while thinking about how the garment will be at the end of its life, made, worn, repurposed, worn, recycled, made anew, worn, recycled, designed, made again, worn, etc etc etc. 
At Lights of All, circularity looks like the Upcycled Collection. We do two things, one is we buy t-shirts from local second hand shops (where a lot of items do end up being used and worn again - but the large majority end up in our landfills or are donated to other countries where they end up in their landfills and a tiny part are recycled into new fibres). We tie dye or tie-bleach them - giving them a fun and unique one of a kind style. The second thing we do is take items from our own collection that are not selling well and rethink them into new items. So far, this has meant turning them into bags and totes! 

For the Upcycled Collection Part two, we transformed this Vest:

Into this tote: 

I really hope you enjoy this iteration of the Upcycled Collection! And keep in mind that each t-shirt is completely one of a kind and only has 1 available - so if you like something act fast :)

The Upcycled Collection is also an opportunity for us to offer a full range of sizing. This is done with the intention to offer plus sizes to plus sized people. We purchase as many different sizes as we can in both men's and woman's sizing so that we can offer sustainable styles to people we usually cannot cater to in our usual collections (simply because I'm not trained to make patterns for plus sizes - and I'm a one woman show). If you are not plus sized, I hope you can make sure those sizes are left for the people who need them, thank you.

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