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Sky Shibori Tote

Shibori Hand dyed Tote

Shibori Tote

While we were away by boyfriend and I took a day trip to another Bahamian Island! We were staying on Paradise Island and it was about a 3:30 hour ferry ride to Harbour Island. I had been a few times before and absolutely love the little island. It has beautiful flat pink sand beaches and little tiny streets. Everyone drives around in Golf Carts and says hi and waves to you :)

Shibori Hand dyed

My Large Sky Shibori Tote was the perfect day bag - I was able to fit my towel, bathing suit, change of clothes, sunscreen, phone, wallet, water botttle and mask and snorkel! (and snacks :) hehe) I love the softness of the blue color, it went so well with my white summer dress!

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