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Our New Home

Our New Home

If you haven't already heard, my boyfriend, our dogo Lila and I have moved to Toronto!

The move was for a new job opportunity for him but we talked about it and thought it would be a good move for Lights of All as well.

Lights of All M.A. Top

We moved in June 30th and I have to admit I was feeling a little down for a few days. I've lived in older buildings my whole life and we are now in a very modern high rise. Needless to say it does not exactly fit my personality so I felt a little shock. What has helped so far is going for walks to discover the city that surrounds me and finding that old-personality in other places. 
M.A. Top

The weather has been SO HOT here, I have to say I am living in all my LOA clothing. Especially the M.A. Top. Working from home, I always want to stay comfortable but not in my pjs or else my mood is too lazy. The M.A. Top makes me feel so comfy but ready to work. And when it comes the time to walk Lila outside in the heat, that Organic Cotton gets to work :) :P 

Do you have any tips on making yourself feel at home after a move? I'd love to hear them :)

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