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New Year's Eve Outfit idea!

New Year's Eve Outfit idea!

I don't know about you but I always struggle with what to wear for New Year's Eve. I don't want to be overdressed but I want to start the New Year and celebrate the passing one looking my best. 
I also don't want to spend money on something I'll never wear again. New years eve outfit

This is where the Robe Maxi Dress comes in! You could wear it as a wrap dress but I also love layering it with other dresses or jeans and a t-shirt!

So here's my tip to you:
Pull out one of your favorite cute summer dresses (this one is from ASOS which I bought a few years ago) and just layer over the Robe Maxi on top to make it more winter-friendly! 
This works great with dresses that are a little too short so the maxi dress will literally cover your tush if you need to bend down or dance. And the Robe Maxi is such an easy dress to pair with other outfits you'll definitely be wearing it over and over again! :)
New Years Eve Outfit

Cheers! And Be safe! Lots of love xox

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