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Introducing LOA BASICS

Introducing LOA BASICS

Today is the day!! Our Basics Collection is now available online!

When I was thinking about what kind of styles to make for a basics collection, I kept coming back to a feeling and not necessarily items or styles. You know that feeling when you're on vacation, or even on weekends, when everything feels like it's moving in slow-motion and you can just relax and take it easy. I wanted to make clothes that could bring that into your everyday life. Basics that were soft and easy to match with anything so that it's easy to make outfits. I also wanted to make them functional, so I thought of the To & Fo tops which are wearable front to back; one side is a V neck and the other is a Crew neck.

The collection also features a new version of the Cover Coat, which was one of or best-sellers from SS17. This season, it's just below the knee, black and in a slightly softer canvas. I really wanted the collection to feel four-seasons friendly, so I included a basic tank top called the Every Tank, a Slip Dress that can be worn layered in the colder months or alone in the warmer ones and, some Scarves and Sarongs to tie it all together!

View the full collection here

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