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How to Wrap Gifts in an eco-friendly way.

How to Wrap Gifts in an eco-friendly way.

I recently found out that wrapping paper is not recyclable! I was shocked. Now I am the person that keeps and reuses all the wrapping materials I was given with gifts. I iron tissue paper and wrapping paper that I have salvaged. But there are always scraps that cannot be re-used. 
The shiny, sparking and textured papers cannot be recycled! 

I also recently heard of Furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping technique using cloth. Once I heard about this a lightbulb went off in my head!! SARONGS!

What if the wrapping was part of the gift? Genius right?!

The wrapping technique is done tying knots in opposing corner of the gift. I thought it would also be fun to use a scrunchie! I find it adds a cute little bow effect.

Get creative with it! I love how it is so customizable. Hey! If your gift includes some kitchen items, wrap them with a dish towel! Bonus gift :) 

I wrapped these using our Sarongs, the Ocean Sarong and a Scrunchie from our Scrunchie Bundles.

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