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A Closer Look ~ Wrap Skirt

A Closer Look ~ Wrap Skirt

Here is a Closer Look at our first ever skirt, the Wrap Skirt!!

The Wrap Skirt is inspired by a skirt I found in my mum's closet that she had bought years ago. I fell in love with the simplicity of it but I wanted to put my own twist on the style. Mine features a thicker belt that you can tie into a perfect little bow, or double knot it and leave it hang loose.

The fabric is a beautiful 55% Organic Linen and 45% Organic Cotton, I love this fabric because it softens each time you wear and wash it.

The Wrap Skirt can be worn higher waist or lower waist, it's really up to you and where you are comfortable. The length is at the perfect length, won't show your butt if you bend down (which is always my problem with skirts!!)

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