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A Closer Look : Cover Vest

A Closer Look : Cover Vest

This season, I reworked one of our SS17 Best Sellers; Cover Vest! The original version was a Maxi and it was in a grey midweight canvas. This season, it's just below the knee and in a lighter and softer canvas.

The Cover Vest is made from a 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton Blend. I've mentioned why I love this blend before; Hemp and Organic Cotton are pretty similar in their properties, they have great absorbency. However, Hemp takes much less water (and no pesticides - but organic cotton doesn't use them anyway - unlike conventional cotton) So having Hemp take up most of the blend is a great way of reducing water usage. Organic Cotton is still much softer than Hemp so I like keeping it in the blend to make sure there's a good feel on your skin when you wear it.

Little has changed in the coat aside from the length; it still has the single welt pockets and the sort of straight - almost tapered shape. Layer it with sweaters, t-shirts in warmer weather, another jacket or just wear it indoors with a nice blouse and pants! It's versatile through any outfit and any season :) 

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