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A Closer Look: Céleste Dress

A Closer Look: Céleste Dress

This season we are introducing the cousin of the Antoinette Dress; The Céleste Dress. At first glance it looks a lot like the Antoinette, that's because it's largely inspired by it.. with a key difference. The Céleste Dress can be reversed to be worn with the round neck in front or in back. 
Here's why:
Last summer my mum was trying on the Antoinette Dress, which she loved the photos of. But when she tried it on she didn't like how the V-wrap looked in front, and she tried it on backwards. Which looked obviously backwards and she asked me, 'oh can I just wear it like this.' To which I immediately replied 'No'. 
But it got me thinking, it would be cool to have this dress worn the other way. So since I had done the To & Fro styles before, I had the base patterns for the style. I basically put together the To & Fro styles with the Antoinette Dress and the Céleste Dress was born. 

The Céleste Dress is made from a 100% Organic Cotton Twill fabric in a lustrous Navy Blue color. The material is more rigid and durable. I wanted the dress to look very strong and structured. I was imagining a French woman in Paris wearing it to work, and then on the weekend, gathering flowers at a market with a bag full of baguettes and treats. She looks refined and womanlike but also sweet and feminine. 

I also decided to make a Top out of it too! The. Céleste Top is made from a different fabric, but is the exact same cut - just shortened.

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