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Robe Maxi Dress x Skyglow Tuque

Robe Maxi Dress x Skyglow Tuque

LOA vegan clothing

My favorite thing about working from home is that I can stay in my pjs all day. BUT that doesn't mean I don't like to dress it up. I love wearing my Robe Maxi Dress as an actual robe over my lounge clothes because it elevates the look and in turn elevates my mood and makes me more productive! It's also the perfect balance of coziness and breathability. My temperature tends to fluctuate a lot and it's important for me to have something that's light and breathable but also cozy! 
I'm also wearing the Skyglow Tuque because it's just way too soft!!! It's warm but not to the point that your head is sweating and I just love the way it looks!
Vegan tuque

Vegan beanieYou can also fold it down and wear it as a beanie! Although I personally prefer it with the fold :P
Vegan fashion

vegan fashionI've always loved silk robes so part of the reason I designed the Robe Maxi Dress was to make a vegan version of the classic. It's made of tencel which as you can see has a beautiful lustre to it but it's made from sustainably harvested trees as opposed to boiled-alive butterfly cocoons!

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