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Upcycled Collection

The Upcycled Collection is our way of helping create circularity in the fashion industry as well as offer unique sustainable items at an affordable price. 
Here's how we do it: we curate items from local second hand shops, mend them if needed and tie-dye or tie-bleach them each by hand. This gives these discarded items new life and creates one of a kind items for you!
We take items from our own collection that are not selling and reimagine/rework them into new items.
Sometimes we have samples or imperfect items that can't be sold at full price but are still good and valid styles! You will see *imperfect* or *sample* on these and on their page will be a description of what those mean :)
Our newest addition - LOA Second Hand, where we resell preloved Lights of All styles!

Tie-Bleached T-Shirt [G] | Upcycled Collection

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Scrunchie Bundles

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