Covid-19 update: we are running as usual (with extra caution) however shipments might be slightly delayed.

The Upcycled Collection is our way of helping create circularity in the fashion industry as well as offer unique sustainable items at an affordable price. 
Here's how we do it: we curate items from local second hand shops, mend them if needed and tie-dye or tie-bleach them each by hand. This gives these discarded items new life and creates one of a kind items for you!
We take items from our own collection that are not selling and reimagine/rework them into new items.

The Upcycled Collection is also an opportunity for us to offer a full range of sizing. This is done with the intention to offer plus sizes to plus sized people. We purchase as many different sizes as we can in both men's and woman's sizing so that we can offer sustainable styles to people we usually cannot cater to in our usual collections (simply because I'm not trained to make patterns for plus sizes - and I'm a one woman show). We are prioritizing selling plus sizes to the people who need them by sharing the available styles in our instagram and facebook stories in the few days before the launch. This way, we can give first dibs of those sizes to the people who wear them.
After the launch, I hope that if you are not plus sized, you can make sure those sizes are left for the people who need them, thank you!