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Part two, October 12th


This season I decided to strip things back for fall and bring back some of our bestselling styles of colder months past. I usually stay away from using black because I personally don't wear it much and I feel my best in colors. However, I constantly get asked if something is available in black, so I decided to give the people what they want and made a mostly black collection.

This is a collection of styles I've done before and personally have loved and also styles that keep me feeling comfortable and confident and good through the winter (which is really hard on me and I'm sure on you too). Of course, they are not limited to only being worn in fall/winter, but I think they offer a level of comfort that we especially seek during this time of year. I look at the fall/winter season as a time to look in and reflect on life and my goals, a time to sit with myself and rest, I hope I've captured that sort of cozy self-reflection with this collection.

I hope this collection makes you feel centred for a new season and brings you comfort through the discomfort of winter.

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