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I wanted the fall/winter 2021 collection to be a continuation of the spring/summer 2021, a sort of part two of the story. In the summer, she was selling seashells by the seashore. But summer is coming to an end and as the weather cools, the tourist are leaving. She has no one to sell to, so she packs up her little shell booth and retreats back home to put on some warmer clothes. When she comes back to the beach, it's to have moments of self-reflection and recharging after a busy summer season. Moonstones are linked to balance, relaxation, intuition, femininity. The shift from summer to winter with this collection is a shift from the outer to the inner, in the summer, she might have been dressing a bit more for others and her business, with her cute shell prints and bright colours; but for this season, she's really dressing for herself. She's looking to rebalance her energies and focus on her future goals. Drappy, slouch pants, oversized tops and dresses, all enveloped in a big oversized ultra-soft cardigan. Also featuring the hand-printed Moon & Star print. She's cozying up to do her tarot reading and looking forward to the season of change ahead.

Photographer: Alex Bramos, Model: Katia Hagen.

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