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Lights of All Amethyst CollectionBlack tank top in tencelbasic purple tank topsustainable fashion
black wrap top
cozy grey wrap cardigan
black layering top
cozy purple turtleneck sweater
slow fashion outfit
eco fashion outfit
I've had a big obsession with rocks and stones for as long as I remember. This collection is an ode to that obsession! I have had a growing appreciation for purple lately, but that deep rich purple of Amethyst. While looking into color palettes for the collection I fell on a stone with deep purple, soft mauve and pale grey and I knew I had to reflect that in the clothing.
There is also a sort of warmth about Amethyst, at least to me - because it's tied to such nostalgia and happy memories from growing up and collecting little rocks with my family on vacations or just around our property. All these moods translate into warm cozy turtlenecks and wraps made from 100% recycled polyester. As well as a long sleeve version of the popular M.A. Top from SS19, a comfortable yet luxe pair of pants and a blanket wrap. My wish is that this Fall/Winter Collection will keep you feeling cozy and chic during the colder weather!
Photographer: Coralie Desmarais, Make-up Artist: Elizabeth Di Cocco, Model: Keshia Kingsley.