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How to Dress ECO & Ethical PART II

How to Dress ECO & Ethical PART II

This Week's How to Dress Eco & Ethical post is going to be about Bloggers!

I'd like to introduce you to some of my favorite Vegan &/or Eco bloggers! Some of them are exclusively vegan or exclusively eco (so not vegan), so if you are vegan (like me!) just keep an eye out for their posts on non-vegan stuff & if you're trying to be eco just keep an eye out for non-organic cotton & things.

1-Fashion Veggie by Molly T
fashion veggie
Molly is probably my favorite fashion blogger. She's super informative and really looks deep into the brands she works with. She also blogs about food and lifestyle things, recently had an all vegan wedding (goals) and is now blogging about her vegan pregnancy! She has amazing taste and takes great quality photos! She's really amazing all around and seems like a genuinely kind and loving person. Check her out @fashionveggie or click the photo above to visit her website.

2- The Tree Kisser
The tree kisser

Jessica is another of my favorites! She had her own t-shirt line of really cute vegan slogans and quotes but she recently closed the business to focus on activism and blogging. She's also very informative and does her research. I follow her for more recipe/cooking/ altogether vegan info but she does do some vegan clothing and accessories blogging too! She also had a vegan wedding recently and is just such a great person around so I love following her journey and getting information from her! 
You can follow her @thetreekisser and click the photo above to go to her site!

3- Selflessly Styled
selflessly styled
selflessly styled
Ellie isn't a vegan blogger but she is an ethical fashion/sustainable one. We recently did a collaboration with her! She has amazing taste and posts great photos. She has this great directory on her site of ethical/sustainable brands. She really has the functional/minimal wardrobe down and is such a kind person!
You can follow her @selflessly_styled or click the photo above to visit her site!

4- Huntd Blog
Huntd blog

Huntd x LOANadhisha is definitely one of my favorite vegan bloggers! You might remember her from a collaboration we did this past summer. She has flawless taste, is super kind and friendly, takes no bullshit and is a huge advocate for vegan and compassionate lifestyles. My favorite thing about her is that she is vegan but that doesn't get in the way of her fashion sense and her feed is just as exciting and fashion forward as any other non-vegan blogger. Her and her husband travel and post amazing photos & they are just so silly and fun together it's super cute :) 
You can follow Nadhisha @huntdblog or click on the photo above to visit her website

5- A Cup of Joan
Joan is an awesome vegan fashion blogger and activist. She has amazing style and posts really great photos. I love her because she keeps is real. If she's feeling down and depressed she'll express it. She's really open about how emotionally straining and hard it is to live in this cruel world and it makes me feel like I'm not alone with these struggles. She always is really honest with sponsored posts and you know that she will never work with any company that is non-vegan or non-sustainable. 
You can follow Joan @acupofjoan or click the photo above to visit her website

6- Katie Pecotich
Katie Pecotich youtube
Katie is so awesome. She's a retired make up artist and currently a financial planner/investor. If that sounds boring to you, you couldn't be more wrong. Katie is one of my favorite vegan blogger because she somehow always manages to make me smile, he posts are always bright and beautiful and her stories are usually really silly and fun. She has a youtube channel where she posts make up tutorials but I mostly just follow her instagram.
You can follow her @thatweirdokatie or click the photo above to visit her youtube channel

That's my list of favorite vegan or sustainable bloggers! I've got a lot more so I will probably post more later on. If you need inspiration for your vegan/ethical/sustainable wardrobe these ladies are a great start! If you missed out on our first post about how to dress ethically you can view it here

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