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A Statement About our Values

A Statement About our Values

We've made some updates on our site in order to make our message and goals clear to newcomers who want to learn more about Lights of all. We never really spoke about our values when it comes to image and although it's something we feel should be demonstrated through actions and not words; we thought we might as well include it because it's just as important to us as being good to the environment or animals.

Our mission of reducing harm is not only aimed at the physical production of our clothing, but the psychological impact it has as well.

The fashion industry is notorious for perpetrating unrealistic, unhealthy and destructive ideals about beauty, race, and body size (and more). Along with our goals and practices in terms of the actual clothing, the way you feel about yourself when you look at our images, styles and any content we put out is at the utmost importance to us.

That is why with each new collection we make sure to feature a model whose size and/or ethnicity is different from the last. We will never work with someone who projects an unhealthy lifestyle nor do we ever edit the photos to change our models' bodies. Whenever we hire any contractors (photographer, make up artist, model, or other) we never discriminate and are proud to encourage a positive and inclusive work environment.

We believe that how you feel in your clothing has more to do with the perception you have of yourself rather than any actual physical aspects. That is why we wish to build images and campaigns that inspire you to love yourself and be confident in your own skin.



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