A Closer Look ~ Freedom Pant

Posted by Katia Hagen on

The Freedom Pant are our second ever pair of pants! 
I named them the Freedom pants because I feel so free when I wear them, so much room to move and I don't feel all tight as I do with skinny jeans.

They are a cropped wide leg pant with an elastic waistband and side pockets.
Available in a black 55% Organic Linen, 45% Organic Cotton. The fabric will soften as you wash it and wear it.
I wanted to make a pair of pants that were wearable for everyday-rain or shine- but that felt more summer than winter. 

I think these will quickly become your go-to pants this spring/summer! :) :)

Shop the Freedom Pant here


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  • They look really confortable ! :) However, if I may make a small suggestion, it would be great to have one that’s the full length. It’s just my personal need/preference, but I really like this one too :)

    Asmaa on

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