LOA x Vivre en Lin part IV

Posted by Katia Hagen on

The Last weekend at Vivre en Lin went great! 
I wore my Cover Maxi Vest layered with a white shirt and grey sweater and some black leggings.

I'm so thankful to everyone who came! Meeting you guys in person helps me a lot to see what styles work and which ones don't and why and how to adjust them for future collections!

On Saturday I wore the Every Dress under the M.A.Coat (PSSSTTT the M.A. Coat is at an extra 20% off right now during our Spring Cleaning Sale! Click here for more)

A BIG thank you goes out to Helen at Vivre en Lin for letting me share her space for a month! The shop reopens March 30th with the launch of her Spring Collection! Not to be missed!!

You can go back to Vivre en Lin located at 73  Cameron Street in Hudson, Qc

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