Business Cards made from scrap t-shirts

Posted by Katia Hagen on

For a while I have been really hesitant about making business cards. It's part of why I love selling my clothing online versus in a store - I feel like I can reduce so much paper waste! I don't need to make hangtags (that card hanging from the garment that tells you the price and size) and I don't have to print receipts, make signage, etc.

Sometimes I feel the need for business cards but deep down it breaks my heart printing out a large amount of cards just so that someone can have my information. I see the convenience but the whole processing, printing and then throwing away of paper and the destruction of forests for it really outweighs any good that I would get out of having them... until I saw this video!

What do you guys think? Cards made from fashion industry t-shirt scraps.. Is that a match made in heaven or what!? It's so awesome to see big companies making an effort to go eco-friendly and implement sustainable practices.

Knowing no trees needed to be put or any new resources used to make these cards is definitely making me rethink my approach to business cards. What do you guys think?
Learn more about these cards here

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