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Sunrise on the beach

Organic Cotton Hand Dyed Vegan Dress

Organic Cotton DressWhen I was designing the Sands collection I was daydreaming about this beach. I've been coming here every year since I was infant with my family. If I had to chose my absolute favorite place in the world it would be right here.

Vegan Maxi Dress

The sands collection is all about opposites, so when I was creating the more relaxed and calming styles I was thinking about this beach. For the Every Flow Maxi dress, I knew that I usually get eczema all over my legs and arms and that I usually have some kind of burn on my butt or shoulders from snorkelling, so I wanted to make something that would be soft against my sensitive skin but also breathable and comfortable in the heat. Thats why this dress is lined with a organic cotton voile, it's so light and soft to absorb sweat and dance against your skin. I also love the flowiness of wide dresses but sometimes when there is too much fabric they get too heavy and, heavy = hot. So this dress has some flowiness but not so much that it'll weigh you down! Organic Cotton DressHand Dyed Vegan DressEco Friendly Hand Dyed DressSummer DressVegan Summer DressHand Dyed Organic Cotton Dress

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