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A Closer Look: Slip Dress

A Closer Look: Slip Dress

I think slip dresses are such a staple garment for any wardrobe but they can often look too much like an undergarment to actually wear. I got one once that had a bit too much lace and I never actually wore it outside my house because of it. I wanted to make one that had all the style factors of a slip dress but that looked like it was meant to wear as a dress and not a pijama.

The Dress is made from a 100% Tencel lightweight fabric, which is actually leftover supply from the winter coats from FW17. This fabric was used as the lining! I had a significant amount in stock and I thought it was the perfect fabric for the slip dress. It isn't too lustrous like the silky/satin ones you typically see but it still has some lustre to it.
For the facing on the neckline I used a fabric I had gotten from one of my first internships. We were taking care of inventory and they were throwing away a lot of fabric that was in too small quantities for them to do anything with (but was more than enough for me!) I asked if I could take them home instead of just throwing them away and they said yes so I ended up with A LOT of materials. I'm pretty sure this one in particular is 100% polyester, it's a black chiffon which actually worked great to finish the neckline. And since I'm using it in such a small quantity of the dress it doesn't affect the breathability or quality of the dress itself. 
I think part of being a sustainable fashion brand is finding ways to repurpose things. Although it's something I don't usually do with the materials I use to make the clothing. (because it's very important for me to offer high quality clothing/materials and even though something is deadstock it does not mean it will be comfortable or breathable or good for your skin) When it comes to small finishings and fabric I have that was given to me vs. put to waste - I think adding it to a style is a good way to repurpose it!

Lauren is wearing the size Small.

I'm wearing the size medium

I wore the Slip Dress while on my boyfriend and I's recent 10 year anniversary trip to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado! I love the fit because it isn't too tight or too loose but also shows my curves in a nice way. Whenever I have a garment that's too tight I don't end up wearing it because I want room to eat and well.. live haha! But the fit of the slip dress is just perfect!

The Slip Dress is now sold out.

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