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A Closer Look: Ballet Top

A Closer Look: Ballet Top

The Ballet Top!! One of my absolute favorites of the basics collection and also one of the not-so-basic styles. I love it because it is a pretty simple style but it can be worn in SO many ways! My first idea was to make something to wear with cute simple dresses. You know when you go to a wedding and you need something on your shoulders? And end up bringing a shawl.. which is so boring! So I wanted to make something simple enough that it can be worn with any type of dress but not too simple that it won't look dressy enough. 

I also wanted it to be wearable in a day-to-day setting. With jeans, work pants, a basic summer dress, over a bathing suit. Anything! So I used a nice lightweight canvas in an off white natural color. It's 55% Organic Linen and 45% Organic Cotton. It's my first time using this fabric and I am totally head over heels for it and will definitely be using it again and again.

I also wore it on my boyfriend and I's recent trip to Colorado. We were going on hikes and visiting outdoor sights that require some walking but I still wanted to look cute! So it went great with my stretchy jeans and sneakers. The organic linen and cotton has great absorbency so even with sweat and fluctuating temperatures outside I was super comfortable.

I've got some natural curves in my body but I think this style is great for women who want to add more, if you have more of a boxy frame and are looking for a style to add some shape, the Ballet Top is great because I've slightly cinched the waist and added slight flares to the peplum which adds some dimension to the hips and narrows the waist.

Tie the tie in a bow, or if that's too girly, just a simple knot or even leave it open!

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