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These styles are almost sold out!

These styles are almost sold out!

Here is our end of summer inventory update, these styles are all selling out - they either have 1 left or 2 left. Now is your chance to get these ethically made styles while you still can!


One last Céleste Top and it's a size small - but this one is good for sizing down so it will most likely fit a medium!

The Robe Coat only has one left in small

Anorak Flow Pullover has one left! Size Small as well. 

The Robe Maxi Dress has one left and it's a size large - Click here to view!
(great dress for 4 season wearing!)

As for the M.A. Top we have 1 large left!

The Wrap Skirt has 1 size small!

The Remaining House Coat is a size small.

One more Ballet Top left and she's a size Large

One more of this vegan suede Anorak Pullover - Also a size Large

We also only have 1 Classic Tee Dress left, size Large

The 2 Every Flow Maxi Dresses we have left are both size small

The last pair of the super comfy Layering Pant is a size small 

We also have one last Upcycled Top from the newest collection, it's a 'men's' size XL




Our stockist Victoire has 2 remaining Tulip Dresses, one of the best sellers of the summer collection! (size Medium and Large)

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