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Sustainability School: Hemp

Sustainability School: Hemp

Why is Hemp so sustainable? So good for your skin?

I have covered these questions in Sustainability School in our story highlights on instagram (@lights.of.all). Here are the main points transcribed so that if you prefer to read than listen, you'll know all the great things about this sustainable fibre and why it makes for the best slow fashion and sustainable clothing.

I got most of these facts from Good on You. A great app/website for all eco/ethical fashion information and brands! I also got some information from Sandy Black's book, Eco Chic the Fashion Paradox.

Hemp grows fast and big! No need for pesticides of herbicides.
It is great for the soil. Instead of other plants that take away nutrients from the soil it grows in and requires rest periods for soil to regenerate. Hemp can be continuously grown in the same soil and is good for the earth!

Uses less water than cotton when grown! 50% less water to be exact and 4 times less when considering the complete rendering process.

It's strong! 8x stronger than cotton. This means your clothes will last longer and will be more durable because of the stronger fibres. (and less pilling! Woohoo)

Hypoallergenic! Great for your skin if you have allergies and even if you don't to be honest.
They have done studies on Hemp and it's affects on Staph infections (which is a bacterial skin infection- google it) Wearing hemp actually helped heal the infection!

I personally have very sensitive skin, especially in really warm or really cold weather, I get eczema. From wearing my Hemp Lights of All styles like the Antoinette Dress,  Every Tank and others, I have felt such a great difference on my skin and went through the entire summer without an outbreak!

The clothing you wear really has a huge effect on your skin, think about it- it's the closest thing to your skin 24/7! 
Hemp is honestly my favorite fibre to work with because there are basically no bad qualities to it! It's so great for the environment, for your skin and because of the way it grows, it doesn't even need pesticides or toxic chemicals so you can be confident with any label that says hemp!

Right now there are very restrictive laws on the growth of Hemp 'because of the' cannabis plant. Even though the plant grown for textiles contains less than one percent of THC. When marijuana was outlawed in 1937, the growth of Hemp in the US was also lumped in. And to be quite honest I am such a conspiracy theorist when it comes to this issue. The ban came around the same time that nylon, polyester was rapidly growing and I firmly believe that big corporations wanted to focus on selling these materials to make larger profits so they lobbied for a ban against the growth of Hemp which is obviously a better fibre in every way. 
ANYWAYS I have high hopes that now that cannabis is legal in Canada, we can start a larger growth of Hemp and that we will have better access to Hemp fabrics.

To learn more about eco fashion and fibres I firmly recommend Sandy Black's book! I read it over the summer and even with my background knowledge on fashion and sustainable practices, I really learned a lot! :) 

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