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Spotlight: Our Tencel Styles

Spotlight: Our Tencel Styles

As one of my top three favourite sustainable fibres, I use Tencel a.k.a Lyocell A LOT. I particularly love using it for fall/winter because it's a really great material for four seasons. So when you are warm inside but cold out, it's temperature regulating properties are really important. 
I also just love the lustre of the fabric, it makes it feel a little more fancy :) 
If you like Tencel as much as I do, I thought I would put together a list of all the 100% Tencel items we have available right now!

Click the images to shop! :)
Every Tank ~ Mauve

Anorak Flow Pullover

Robe Maxi Dress ~ 1 left in size Large

Every Tank ~ Black

Key Dress ~ one left, size small!

Every Pant

Here are some eco facts about Tencel/ Lyocell!

⭐️Tencel and Lyocell are one and the same, however the name Tencel is a brand name of a certain manufacturer who invented the innovative circular production of the fibre. Only lyocell made from this manufacturer is called Tencel.
⭐️Because of this circular production, everything used in transforming the wood into fibres is used and reused, and reused. This eliminates SO MUCH waste! 
⭐️I like to call tencel the vegan version of silk. It has similar properties to silk, like its lustre (shine), overall feel, strength, AND it's actually better than silk because its way more breathable (mind you, not as breathable as cotton though).
⭐️Yes you read that correctly, Tencel is made from wood! It's made from certified sustainably harvested tress (often Eucalyptus trees are used) and its broken down into a pulp which is transformed into fibres and then into fabric.
👉This process of breaking down wood into pulp to make fabric is used in other fabrics like Rayon, Modal and Viscose, however they are not all done the same way.
Tencel is the only one that when you see the name, you know it's sustainable. Part of it's name brand certifies the wood cultivation is done sustainably, and because of it's circular production, the compounds used to break down the wood is not 'put back' into the world, but constantly reused. 
👉As compared to Rayon, Modal & Viscose, most of the time they are NOT made sustainably. For these, you really need to do your due diligence and check in on the manufacturer. Because the process is half natural and half man-made, the man-made part does not guarantee any sort of eco-consciousness. And the chemicals and techniques used to break down the wood into a fabric can be toxic to the planet at every stage.
⭐️Lesson here ⭐️ is that when you see Tencel, you can trust it's sustainable. The other fibres mentioned will require some digging on your part to make sure, however a lot of people consider them 'eco' because they are half natural fabrics, so be mindful of greenwashing when it comes to Lyocell, Rayon, Modal and Viscose. 

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