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Selene Cover Vest, Two Ways

Selene Cover Vest, Two Ways

Selene Cover Vest

I gave my mum the Selene Cover Vest for a weekend and told her to style it in two different outfits with things she already owned - this is the result!

Selene Cover Vest UltrasuedeThe first was a casual outfit, leggings, a tunic and some high heel wedges - she's also wearing the Skyglow Tuque, dropping November 5th!

Ultrasuede vegan fall vestThe second outfit was her 'boho' look, with a printed dress and moccasin boots!

Ultrasuede Vegan Vest

I love making vests because I think they are such an easy piece to add to an outfit to elevate it a little bit. It adds some warmth without overdoing it and creates a more fashion-forward outfit!

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