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Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution

As some of you may know from April 23-26 was Fashion Revolution week, it's a movement within the Fashion Industry to inspire and create change specifically with respect to garment workers. Five years ago, the largest fashion industry disaster happened in Bangladesh which killed 1,134 people.  It was the collapse of Rana Plaza, a five story building filled with garment workers making your clothes. The day before the collapse employees noticed cracks in the foundation and in the building and were instructed it was no big deal and to return to work the next day. 

You can read up on this tragedy and get more info on the Fashion Revolution here


I started Lights of All because I was so sick of how fast fashion abuses workers, animals and the environment. People are so accustomed to paying low prices for clothing and they are completely detached to how that garment is being made. People are working tirelessly to make clothing with little to no pay and in a lot of cases, putting their lives at risk! Part of the low costs is a result of not fixing buildings where the garments are made and ignoring signs of danger. People are being killed and/or are forced to work to the bone for that 15$ dress at H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and other fast fashion retailers!

Please use common sense while shopping, do research into the brands you're supporting, buy second hand or vintage pieces, swap with your friends!
I made a post a while back about How to Dress Eco, if you havent read it yet, check it out, it's a great starting point if you want to join the Fashion Revolution!

If you have any questions about Lights of All or, how you can play a part in changing the fashion industry don't be shy to contact us!

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