About our Shibori dyed garments

For SS17 we used a Shibori dyeing technique for two of our styles.
This is a Japanese technique a lot like tie dyeing. The specific one we used was a triangle folding technique, but shibori can be done in many different ways. It's traditionally used with indigo, but you can do use shibori techniques with any dyes.
All you need to do is fold the fabric in different ways and then soak it in dye. Then, unfold it and see the designs!

For the Every Flow Dress, we sewed the garment so that just the center back seam was open - this way we could start our fold from the center front and be able to easily fold the garment for the dye.
This is what it looks like before we dye:
We then soak these tied up pieces and dye them in our low impact non toxic dyes - then about an hour and a half later - wash them with odor-free Ecover detergent (our favorite eco-friendly detergent!) - once they are clean and dry we finish sewing and voila! The reason the front and back look different is because the front is folded first- so its the tightest and most hidden from the dye - the back folds are the ones at the surface of the fold - so they get the most direct contact with the dye.
As for the Cover Coat - we dyed all the pieces almost individually. Those pieces are folded and dyed in the same way - and then we chose the ones that matched each other best to then assemble the coats. The same is done with the lining pieces.
If you want to try this at home here is an awesome DIY to follow : Design Sponge Shibori Pillows

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