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LOA x You!

Organic Cotton Hand Dyed Dress

Vegan and sustainable dress

I'm so excited to start off LOA x You with these photos of my mum!! Her name is Caroline, she's my no.1 fan and looks amazing in our clothes :) She recently brought her Every Flow Dress to a Euro Trip and took these lovely photos by the beach in Germany.

Organic Cotton DressIt gets a little chilly by the beach there so she dressed it up to stay worm but thanks to the bright pink color she pulls off an awesome summer outfit :)

Hand Dyed Pink Shibori DressAs a kid and to this day, I've always loved helping my mum chose outfits for anything from a normal day to a chic party or for her travels. Because we have different body types, its always great to learn about how other women feel about their clothes - what they look for in fits and which areas they prefer to flatter or to hide. I think comfort comes first with absolutely every design and its usually the first thing she notices - how does this garment feel on my skin? How can I move in it? Where is it too tight or too loose? And so comfort is something I focus the most on while designing and choosing materials.

Her report back is that every time she wore the dress people stopped her to compliment it and her, she personally never wanted to take it off because of the extremely soft and breathable fabric as well as the flowiness and comfort of the fit of the dress.

MAMA APPROVES! and when mama approves, you know you've struck gold :) 
Love you mama! 

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